One night standard

Why hookup culture has become more and more popular

The hookup culture was for a long time shunned, but recent times have seen the culture take deeper roots in the society. Hookup trends include the likes of casual sexual encounters which mainly focus on physical pleasure without emotional attachment or long term commitment. Mutually beneficial relationships termed friends with benefits and one night stands are becoming more popular among millennials. There is clearly a shift in trend from paid sex to friends with benefits and one night stands. Research shows that the hookup culture is deeply rooted in the college community and it dates all the way back to the 20th century. The hookup culture has previously been termed as the “cultural revolution.”

More people are accepting the hookup culture. The college community makes the bulk of it. More and more people are opting to explore their bodies with others of the opposite sex. Technology has also played a significant role in making the hookup culture more acceptable. The internet has a wide variety of hookup websites and hookup apps, all of which are freely and easily accessible. People of earlier generations have been recently noted to buy in on the culture at an increasing rate.

The sense of emptiness, boredom, social alienation, and apathy have all in one way or another driven more people to seek options that will make them feel alive and hookups top their list. Hookups give people the liveliness and to some extent mystery that people desire in their lives. The desire for excitement and living in the moment, as millennials say ‘You Only Live Once,’ has done a great deal in enabling the hookup culture in society.

The idea of a regular partner is seen by many as cliché and boring hence the need for a short-lived, non-committal mutually beneficial relationship or a one night stand. A one night stand offers one the chance of having as many partners as one may want. Friends with benefits type of relationship also offer one the opportunity to have many casual relationships without fear of commitment, unlike one regular partner. The idea of multiple casual partners seems attractive to many, but the risk of sexually transmitted diseases is higher especially if one does not take the necessary precautionary measures.

As mentioned earlier, the internet plays a huge role in the hookup culture. Hookup apps and websites have made it easy for one to find a partner more easily. Casual dating apps and sex apps are among other things that continue to dig deeper roots in society in a bid to popularize the hookup culture.

The hookup culture has not slowed down, and it is showing no signs of further slowing down. The issues mentioned above are some of the things that continue to aid the course of hookup culture and also sees it trending among people of older generations. Hookup culture is deeply embedded in society, and some have begun to embrace it as part of them.

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