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W4M – The Top Dating Apps / Websites for Women Looking for Men

Dating in this day and age can be difficult, but fortunately, there are many different ways to go about it. With the growing popularity of online and app-based dating, there is a wide range of options for women seeking good men. The market for W4M apps has continued to grow exponentially. If you are a woman looking for a good man, consider some of these w4m apps and websites.

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Bumble is a social network and dating application with a twist – women must make the first move. This strays from old-fashioned dating traditions and puts the woman in control from the beginning. For those who feel that other applications may be full of aggressive men who don’t match their personality, Bumble may be the perfect choice. Because so many dating apps are breeding ground for sleazy behavior, Bumble does not allow men to initiate the first communication. This lets women avoid some of the unwanted, vulgar messages that plague a variety of other apps and sites. Advantages of Bumble are that it is completely free, has a large userbase, and is extremely easy to use. Even more, around 60% of Bumble matches end up with a conversation, giving it a relatively high success rate for users. Single women who are looking to find the perfect man without having to weed through a veritable sea of creeps may benefit from Bumble’s unique format.

Coffee Meets Bagel

For women looking for a comprehensive matching service, Coffee Meets Bagel could be the perfect dating site. Coffee Meets Bagel is a private service that is free of charge, so the benefits are there right from the start. It takes a different approach than many of today’s other popular apps, staying away from the whole “swipe left or right” concept that is so ubiquitous. Women create their profile and wait for their matches, or “bagels” to show up. Every day, men receive 21 of their potential matches and like or pass on them. Women are then matched with the men who liked them and who meet their dating criteria. This helps to avoid awkward rejections and unwanted conversations that may pop up on other sites. Women can also like profiles of other bagels, alerting the men that the women are interested. They can then decide to start chatting, or if they have already liked the woman, the woman can make the first move.

The League App

The League is another social network and dating app that has hit the scene in recent years. The League prides itself on its ability to scout out the perfect matches for every user, even if you have high standards. They believe in intelligent dating and they want their uses to follow the same protocol. You get to enter a wide range of preferences and the app will do the rest of the work to find the people that match best with your profile and ideals. If you’re so picky that you’ll only date a man that is exactly 6 feet tall with sandy blonde hair, you can enter that in and those type of men will be the only matches that you will get. Only people who match your preferences will be able to see your profile, so you don’t have to worry about creeps or incompatible users. The League may seem elitist, but it is great for women who have high standards and want to cut through the nonsense that is littered throughout many other apps.


OK Cupid has been around for well over a decade, and it is one of the most successful dating sites on the internet. With all of its features and benefits, it is easy to see why so many people continue to use OK Cupid to meet the love of their lives. There are over 30 million monthly users, so there is an excellent chance that you will find somebody who meets your needs. You get to create an extensive profile, but it is not so in-depth as to feel tedious or overdone. It is free to view profiles and message others, so if you find a man that you’re interested in, there’s no charge to initiate a conversation. You can also specify what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Whether you are just coming off a bad breakup and need something light-hearted or if you are ready to take a step into serious dating, you’ll be able to find someone with the same desires.


If you consider yourself to be a mature woman who is looking for a serious relationship, Elitesingles is site for you. The company was formed with the intention of providing a service for those who have not been able to find love through the other leading apps and dating sites that are out there. Elitesingles is for people who are tired of one-night stands, flaky dates, and men who act more like boys. The focus here is to find a successful, mature man who can provide you with the high-level, serious conversations that you need while still remaining fun and caring. Elitesingles uses an in-depth questionnaire that makes sure to capture your personality in order to match you up with the professional who works best for you. This is a premium service that is dedicated to finding a lover for all of their users, and it is an excellent platform in the W4M market, so it is definitely worth giving a shot if you are a woman that is ready to test new waters.


With a name like Millionaire Match, it should be obvious who this site is targeting. This isn’t a sugar daddy website by any means, but it is a site with high standards. The men on here are generally very prosperous, and while they aren’t all actual millionaires, most are rising stars with stable jobs. If you are looking for attractive, successful men, this is a fantastic choice to help set you in the right direction. There’s no reason to be nervous, as there are a variety of men with different personalities and interests, so it is very possible to find someone that will match with you. The added upside is that these are confident, professional men that have stable work and are ready to take on serious relationships. Despite its name, you can create a profile for free if you want to test the site out. However, if you want to take advantage of all of its features, you will have to pay for a membership based on your preferences.

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