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Top Sexting Apps for Naughty Chat

There are some mobile dating apps which are great to use as sexting apps. In case you don’t know, sexting is when users exchange sexually provocative messages and images with each other through their mobile devices or computers. You could say it is a safer way to have a “hookup” because you don’t need to meet the person in real life and have a physical sexual relationship with them. Of course, most people who do sexting have already met the person on the other end. This is just their way of being sexual with them if they don’t have the time to meet up.

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Below are the top 6 sexting apps where you can have a naughty chat.


3Fun is best known as a threesome dating app. It can also be used as a hookup app and sexting app too. If you are a single person looking for couples or a couple looking for a single person, 3Fun is the app you should download. To get started with a new registration, you only need to provide your name and a profile photograph. The latter will go through a verification process to make sure it is really you. This is quite beneficial because it means you are talking to the person that is portrayed in their profile.

For sexting purposes, you could use 3Fun for a “3some” sexting conversation with couples or singles. You won’t even need to pay anything to message other members because communication is free. If you don’t plan on meeting anyone in-person, then you have no risks or investments to make at all.

Also, the 3Fun dating app has certain security options to prevent other people from accessing your membership account. The two main options include passcodes and fingerprint identification technology. That way, if you want to sext with other members on 3Fun, you don’t need to worry about getting caught.


Wild can be described as a casual dating app or hookup dating app. However, since Wild does not require you to log in to any social profile account, you can remain 100% anonymous as you’re using the dating platform. If you are interested in sexting with other members, you will appreciate the anonymity of the platform. The best part is that chatting with other Wild members is free. You will not have to upgrade your membership or anything like that. You can simply enjoy free anonymous Naughty Chats with people who you are interested in.

Wild has a lot of search filters available for you to find the right matches. If you are only looking to sexting and not actually meet up with anybody, the filters will help you find someone who wants the same thing. In addition, members have the option to verify the authenticity of their profiles and photographs. You may appreciate this if you’re considering meeting the other person and possibly hooking up with them. Just be aware that only two-thirds of Wild users have verified their profiles. This means that one-third will likely be fake profiles.


Tinder is a dating app which is used by more than 50 million people. This will give plenty of members to choose from and possibly form a sexting relationship with. Since you won’t necessarily be meeting them in person, you don’t have to limit yourself to people in your local area. With millions of members on the platform, you can find anyone in the world to sexting with that shares your same interests and feelings.

It is easy to sign up for a free account on Tinder. You can just use your Facebook credentials to link your social media profile to your new Tinder account. Then all you need to do is write a small biography and you’re done. Of course, Facebook is only an option for signing up. If you want to remain discrete and maintain your privacy, you can just sign up the normal way without linking to social media.

The greatest thing about Tinder is that before you can communicate with another member, they must like your profile and you have to like theirs. This ensures that both members are interested in each other. Also, Tinder is great for finding someone in your local area. If you plan to sext a local member that you might want to meet up with one day, Tinder is one of the best sexting apps for naughty chat.


PlentyOfFish is traditionally a dating platform which can be utilized as a sexting app. This was one of the first dating platforms to offer free memberships that include communication with other members. So, if you find a member that you like on the POF app, you can send them a message for free. There is an optional premium upgrade to help find better matches based on their personality traits. However, since you are only interested in sexting other members, you don’t need to concern yourself too much with that. You will find out their personality once you start communicating with them.

The upside to POF is that it has millions of members to communicate with. As a sexting enthusiast, you can search nationally and internationally for partners. However, the downside to the POF app is that it does not include any video chatting or regular chat room features. This might make sexting slower and less intimate. But since basic communication is free, it might still be worth it.


Kaboom is not exactly a dating app, but it is much more suitable as a sexting app. The greatest benefit of Kaboom is that it allows users to exchange photographs and messages which only last for a short amount of time that you specify. This could be 10 seconds, 1 minute, 30 minutes, and so on. For instance, if you are sexting on the app and you choose 1 minute, each message you send will only be viewable to the other user for 1 minute. After that, it is deleted forever from the hosting server. You can also integrate the app with email, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and WhatsApp. All transmitted data is securely protected through an HTTPS too.

Kaboom is an app ideal for sexting, especially if you don’t want to have a record of it kept anywhere. It is not meant for meeting people, though, so make sure you are only interested in sexually explicit communication.


Snapchat is a messaging mobile app which is more popular than Kaboom. Snapchat is not exactly a dating or hookup app, but it can be used as a sexting app. You can send pictures and messages to other users which will get deleted after 10 seconds. That is why it is called “snap” chat because you the incoming content is quickly displayed to the other user. After it is gone, they won’t be able to see it again.  You can probably imagine why this would be a popular sexting app. Any sexually explicit content that gets sent will disappear faster after it is seen. Plus, users can make calls and send video clips of themselves too.

Snapchat is good to use for sexting if you already know the person that you are going to communicate with. It isn’t so great if you’re trying to find new people. Apparently, Snapchat is the best dating app for sexting!


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