Top Free Dating Apps In 2020 – Free Apps That Actually Work

You may meet all sorts of people in your day to day life. Most of them will be workmates, acquaintances, friends or family. You may have a busy schedule that will not allow you to go out to a joint and meet a potential partner. Guess what? That is what dating apps are all about! Unlike the dating sites which require you to at least a PC before you log on, dating apps can be used from your phone making it that much easier to meet your special other. For the newbie, here are a few free apps you might want to try as you get started on the online dating scene.

Honestly, Tinder is probably the most widely used free dating app in the world. Although Tinder is not really a hookup app, many people use it to looking for a hookup or casual sex. Like traditional dating apps, you can get Tinder from the Apple or Google Play stores for free. Once you get the app, everything is straightforward from there. Just link the app to your Facebook account, write a 500-word bio and a few minor details about your background and upload up to six profile pictures and you are ready to go. To use the app is easy, just swipe right when you like a profile and left if you don’t. If two people swipe right on each other, they can then begin their private chat to get to know each other.

One good thing about Tinder is that it allows you to set your preferences so you can skip all the hurdles of going through many profiles. Also, the app allows you to personalize your privacy settings to keep your information as private as you want it. A large number of people means you are more likely to find a potential match than most other dating apps. And, for your convenience, the app shows you any unread messages, so you know which you haven’t read, a feature you may miss out on in other free dating apps.

If you don’t mind a social login, Tinder will work for you.

OkCupid App
OkCupid App


OkCupid is one dating app all those looking to more about a potential date than their looks will definitely appreciate. Unlike Tinder which requires you to have a Facebook profile, registering for OkCupid is more direct. All you need to do is to write up a few details on your profile and upload some photos of yourself. If you want to you may link up your account with your Instagram account then start looking up potential matches in your area. The app will use an algorithm to run your preferences against those of people near your location, come up with a compatibility scale and display your potential matches. You can tap on your matches and start your chats, all in a matter of minutes.

When you are using OkCupid, you may find few matches if your preferences are a bit too picky. However, the app could work for you because its long profiles and your specificities make it easy to find a long-life relationship on it.

OkCupid is free for the most part, but it has a premium option that allows you to do a quickmatch. With quickmatch, users can be able to chat with each other, a feature not available to freebie users. You might want to think about that as you look up the app.

Bumble App
Bumble App


Bumble is a word that probably makes you think of bees. Guess what? Coincidentally, the Bumble app works almost like a hive. The one thing that stands out about this app though is that it is women who get to initiate conversations. The first step in using Bumble is setting up your account using your name, filling details such as your educational background and uploading a few photos. The app works like Tinder, meaning you will use swipes to go through profiles. Once two people like each other, the app will add you to each others’ ‘hives.’ With that connection, women have twenty-four hours to at least type up an icebreaker else the link disappears. This feature of the app is a bane and boon.

If you are a woman, you will love this app because it means you will only be chatting with guys that you have expressed interest in. That’s a not to stalking. On the other side, you could simply forget to launch a conversation and end up missing out on a potential partner. For men, it’s frustrating because you have to wait to know if she likes you. The bright side is that the app allows male users to extend the connection past the 24-hour limit at an extra fee. At least if she is the one, you have more time to convince you.

Coffee and Bagel App
Coffee and Bagel App

Coffee and Bagel

The name of this app is such an eye-catcher, and that is one thing going for it. Registration is easy because, like Tinder, this dating app requires you to log in to Facebook. If you are the sort of individual who likes to err on the side of caution, the good news is that the app does it for you. It will provide you with only potential matches that you have mutual friends with on Facebook. Also, the dating app will only display those people who meet the preference criteria you set thus saving you on scrolling time.

Each day at noon the app will send you a bagel- that is a potential match. You can choose to either ignore your bagel or like them. If the two like each other, Coffee and Bagel will give you eight days to chat, exchange numbers or arrange a meetup. After that, your conversation expires. This expiration date will put pressure on you and your match to meet up, therefore, yielding positive results. Meeting and getting to know each other is the whole point of online dating after all.

Coffee and bagel will not allow you to edit any photos. Additionally, you may receive some questions from the app asking you why you approved and rejected your potential matches. These questions may make you uneasy, just saying.

Skout App
Skout App


If you like to hover fun with whatever you are doing, Skout was probably made with you in mind. This dating app caters to anyone from the age of thirteen, while others have a minimum provision of eighteen. Also, teenagers and adults are placed into different groups upon signing up so parents cannot follow their children’s activities. People use Skout for a host of reasons, typically to look for long-term partners or friends. Some just use it to keep in touch with members of their communities. When you are signing up for this app, consider that it may be a bit tricky to tell one category from the other.

Skout will allow you to showcase your personality in chatrooms with potential matches. The language used is usually flirtatious but not obscenely so because there are ‘children’ in the ‘room.’ And that’s another thing to think about. The app is scrutinized to protect minors, so you and your potential mate may not get to know each other as well as you would have on other dating apps.