Casual Dating

Tips for Casual Dating

Casual dating is a great relief from serious relationships because you can just go out with different types of people and have fun without forming any attachments. However, just because you have this goal in mind, doesn’t mean your date will. If you go out with someone, you must make sure you’re both on the same page regarding the seriousness of the relationship. Communication is essential in making this happen. You can never assume that someone thinks it is casual because they might be building up a fantasy in their mind about you two getting married or something. Therefore, always be upfront with everyone on the first date and tell them that you’re only interested in keeping it casual. This will avoid any misunderstandings right off the bat.

Just because casual dating doesn’t involve any commitment, doesn’t mean you won’t intimately hook up with the person. Casual sex is very common in a casual dating situation, but just remember to always practice safe sex whenever you’re not in a serious relationship with someone. This will ensure that you keep yourself healthy when experimenting with multiple partners.  Aside from the sex, the actual dating should be limited to just casual hangout spots and everyday public places. Try not to bring your casual dates to a serious gathering or social party where your friends or family might be. If they see you with a date, they might assume it is a serious relationship and then they will expect to see you with that person in the future. In order to avoid embarrassment or awkwardness, it is best to not bring dates to places where people you know will be.

Most importantly, do not casually date just one person at a time. If you do, then you might change your mind and expect the relationship to be something more than casual. The same goes for the person you’re dating as well. If they know you’re not dating anyone else, they might start thinking it is a serious relationship too. This doesn’t mean you should lie to your date because that is never a good idea. Just have a few casual dates lined up for you at all times and make sure those dates know that you’re seeing other people. This is the sure proof way of not giving any mixed signals to your dates. Instead, they’ll know exactly where you stand and what you’re trying to get out of the relationship.

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