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The Top Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Sex Life

No matter what your sexual orientation is, sex is probably something that you think about on a daily basis. This is not unusual because it is natural for human beings to think about sex and want sex for themselves. If you have a partner or spouse that you have sex with, then you are a very fortunate person. A healthy sex life can lead to happiness, self-confidence, and pleasure. The trick is maintaining an active sex life and keeping it exciting and fun.

One of the best ways to spice up your sex life is to focus on new sex positions. The average couple is probably familiar with the missionary position. This is the most common one and the simplest to do. It involves the woman lying down on her back and the man lying on top of her face down. This is a very intimate position because the man and woman have the freedom to kiss each other on the lips and look into each other’s eyes the whole time. Penetration and thrusting are quite easy for the man to do while remaining comfortable for the woman.

However, the missionary position can get boring after a while. Most couples become too accustomed to the same sexual routine and have difficulties trying something new. Perhaps they are afraid of other sexual positions because they don’t understand them, or they look too difficult.

To clear this up, we will discuss the top 5 sex positions below. They are a lot simpler to perform than you may think.

1) Doggy-Style Position

When people talk about alternative sex positions, they usually bring up the doggy-style position. This position is enjoyed by millions of people and it is very fun to do. For the man, it puts him in a dominating position over the woman. She gets down on all fours while he penetrates her vagina from behind. Meanwhile, he has the freedom to spank her buttocks or tightly hold her hips. This position is like how dogs have sex, which is why it is called “doggy” style. The woman must enjoy being submissive and comfortable on her knees during sex.

2) Chicken Wing Position

The chicken wing position is a variation of the doggy-style position. The difference here is that the woman will not be on her knees. While the man is on his knees behind her on the floor or bed, the woman’s legs will be wrapped around his waist. It is important for the man to place his hands under her thighs to provide support for this position. He will basically be lifting her pelvis up so that his penis can reach her vagina from behind. Her hands will still be on the floor for frontal support. To make it easier for the man, he should rest her legs on his upper legs

3) Kneeling Upright Position

Another variation of the doggie-style position, except no one will be on all fours. The kneeling upright position is exactly how it sounds. The couple will be on their knees, with the man behind the woman. However, their torsos should remain in an upright position the whole time. This will put a little more pressure on their knees, so it is a good idea to have a soft surface below. The man then penetrates her vagina while he grabs her body for stabilization. She has the freedom to reach her hand behind his neck or fondle her own clitoris. She may even be able to fondle her partner’s genitals too.

4) Spooning Position

Spooning is a more relaxed sex position. It gives a couple the chance to take their cuddling in bed to a whole new level. The man and woman start out by lying down next to each other in bed. The couple should then roll onto their sides so that the man is looking at the back of the woman.  The woman can stay totally still while the man penetrates from the side like this. His thrusting can be fast or slow, depending on the mood. To spice things up more, the man can feel her nipples or grab her breasts.

5) Riding Position

Here is a sex position which allows the woman to dominate. The man lies down flat on his back while erect. The woman will begin to straddle him by sitting on top of his erection, allowing his penis to enter her vagina. With one leg on either side of him, the woman can press her legs against the sides of his body to secure her position. She then has the freedom to move up and down, slap his face, or tie his hands onto the bedpost (like in the movie Basic Instinct). If his hands are free, he can hold onto her hips and give them motion as she rides him. This will increase the sensation immensely.

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