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The Top 5 Craigslist Personals Alternatives in 2021


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Remember the famous Craigslist that filled the minds of Generation X and some Baby Boomers in the late 90s and early 2000s? If you are a millennial, chances are that you might not know how popular they used to be. Craigslist used to be the master of many things, and one of them is the easiest place online to find a hookup.

Over the years, things have evolved and many great web-based hook-up services have surfaced. Just recently, the “ Personals Ads” section of Craigslist was removed following the passing of a sex trafficking bill by the US Senate.

This article is about some of the top Craigslist personals alternatives for those seeking casual sex, hookup, FWB, one-night stand and the like.

Most of the hookup apps or casual sex apps featured in this post offer almost the same service provided by Craigslist Personals Ads.

Wild    (Visit Site)

First on the list is the Wild dating app. In simple terms, this app is for singles looking for someone to hook up with. Wild is a safe dating app as it has a photo verification system to ensure that you don’t meet a different person.

Wild is open for everyone and doesn’t discriminate whether you are bisexual, gay or heterosexual. For statistics, it is the fastest growing free online dating app in the Apple App Store. It is one of the best craigslist personals alternatives.

3Fun  Visit Site

Moving on, we have 3Fun. 3Fun dating app is basically another dating service, but with a twist: it is solely for those looking for a threesome or just casual sex partners. Also, it doesn’t discriminate; whether you are married or single, you are welcome. It allows couples to connect with singles allowing for users to form “ménage à trios.”

Just like Wild, 3Fun is open to everyone [regardless of their sexual preferences] and uses a photo verification system to ensure that you are meeting the same person as the photo shows. The service allows users to send an unlimited number of private messages with their matches and has a VIP service that costs $19.99 per month. If you are seeking the third to join your bedroom game, 3Fun will be a good craigslist personals alternative

SeekingArrangement      (Visit Site)

Next is SeekingArrangement. This is a hookup service for connecting sugar babies with sugar daddies and vice-versa. With a membership base of more than 2 million, SeekingArrangement also offers a great matchmaking service for its users.

To use this service, users need to join as either a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Daddy/Momma. Although membership is free for all, there is a premium service where Sugar Babies get automatic approval on presenting their university email address. For the Sugar Daddys/Mommas, they get to use the premium service free for a trial period after which they have to subscribe – monthly or yearly. If you are seeking a sugar type relationship, then SeekingArrangement is a good choice.

Grindr      (Visit Site)

Grindr is a hookup application for connecting homosexual men. It creates a free and safe platform for gay and bisexual men to connect. The app makes use of the user’s smartphone’s geolocation feature to connect with other nearby users. Grindr is a good craigslist personals alternative for gay.

Her       (Visit Site)

Lastly, we have “Her.” This is a one-of-its-kind dating service. It is made for lesbians and bisexual women seeking to have a relationship or casual sex with other lesbians and other bisexuals. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Since this is a strictly female affair, men are not allowed to join. If you are lesbians and seeking casual sex, Her will be a good Craigslist personals alternative.


While there are so many online free dating/hookup apps and sites, the few listed in this post are some of the best Craigslist personals alternatives. So if you are looking for a place for “personals ads”, the list above should come in handy.


  1. As I am a monogomous married man, I never used CL to make a hookup, but enjoyed perusing the CL personals for many reasons.
    1. I miss the amateur pictures that the CL personals section allowed people to post with their ad, especially the mw4mw pics.
    2. It was a good gauge in terms of the general “horniness” index for some localities.
    3. It was a good gauge of my own horniness.

    Miss you CL personals.

  2. I miss reading the CL adds. I was brave enough to actually hook up with someone from an add I read, and it was mind blowing. A few weeks later CL personals was canceled. I at least got off with someone that was searching for something that sounded so good I had to do it.

    1. I miss it too. I only ever hooked up with one woman from craigslist but we had a blast in bed several times. She was separated but went back with her husband. Soon after that craigslist personals was gone

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