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SeekingArrangement Review

SeekingArrangement is unlike any other dating website out there. It primarily focuses on connecting beautiful young women with rich older men. Of course, they do cater to the reverse scenario where attractive young men can find rich older women. However, most of the members use the website for seeking sugar daddy; young women who want to find rich older men and vice versa.

Members of Seeking Arrangement are typically not interested in establishing a long-term romantic relationship with each other. This is more of a financial relationship where the man is expected to provide financial assistance to the female in exchange for the companionship that she offers him. These females are nicknamed “sugar babies” and the men are nicknamed “sugar daddies.”

How Does Seeking Arrangement Work

SeekingArrangement has a lot of the same functions as a normal dating website. When you go to sign up for a new account, you will be asked to upload photographs of yourself and to describe your personality. From there, you will have access to search tools and filters to help you find a good match. Once you initiate a search, you will be presented with a list of potential matches based on the filters you set. You will see their picture and profile header just like you would on a standard dating website.

There is no sophisticated matching algorithm used here. The main factors that go into the matching system are the amount of income a sugardaddy has and the location of the sugar baby. The sugardaddy’s salary will be listed right at the top of his profile page. The sugar baby will list on her profile page the amount of money she wishes to receive in support every month. The sugardaddy is expected to provide this monthly support money to the sugar baby. She usually needs this money to help pay for her college tuition or other financial expenses. In return, she will satisfy his social and companionship needs.

The common perception is that the sugar babies are merely prostituting themselves to these men. None of the advertisements or profiles on SeekingArrangement encourage offering sex for money. It is strictly forbidden by the website since prostitution is against the law in the United States. However, this doesn’t mean that the sugar daddies and sugar babies are not privately making sexual arrangements with each other. If they are, these arrangements are not endorsed by SeekingArrangement.


You can sign up for a free account on Seeking Arrangement, but you will have very limited access to its features. The only thing you will be able to do is to browse your list of matches. But if you want to communicate with any of these matches, you will need to upgrade your membership to premium status. The price of a premium membership is $79.95 per month. If you want to save money in the long-term, you can choose to pay $209.85 for 3 months or $359.70 for 6 months.

Beyond this, you can elect to upgrade your membership even further to a Diamond Club membership for $1,200 per month. This allows you to showcase your finances and prove to the female members that you truly have the income that you say you do. Men with Diamond Club memberships get the most attention from female members.

Unique Features
The matching system of SeekingArrangement is based on financial compatibility rather than personal compatibility. The personal interests of members are mostly irrelevant when matches are made. The men judge their female matches mainly on their attractiveness and the amount of financial support they desire. The women pretty much only care about the salary of the men and how much they’re worth. These men don’t even need to be physically attractive to find beautiful women that will be interested in them. This is really the opposite of what you see on other dating websites where both partners are expected to be attractive and share personal interests.

Given the nature of this dating website, there are several more female members than male members. If you are a wealthy man looking for a beautiful woman to date, you won’t have any problems finding one on SeekingArrangement. The interface of the platform is easy to use and navigate through as well. It is even easy to complete the sign-up process. There are background investigations done to ensure the legitimacy of all members. This includes both a criminal background check and credit check.
SeekingArrangement is one of the most expensive dating websites available on the internet. Also, people don’t use this website to find long-term relationships or true love. They are merely seeking arrangements for the purpose of money and companionship. Unless you are a beautiful woman or rich man with this agenda, you won’t find any value in using the SeekingArrangement platform. As a result, there are a limited number of members in comparison to other big dating websites.

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