Safety Tips for Hooking Up

Getting together with your partner and having a successful hookup is probably one of the most satisfying experiences on the dating scene. Whether you are looking for a one-time, no-strings-attached consummation or hoping that your relations with the other party could grow into something better, it is always important to remember that your personal safety is of absolute importance. It could be at the bar, after meeting that attractive guy or girl that you are getting along with. Don’t throw caution to the wind. You need to look out for yourself under all aspects, keeping yourself keenly in check while enjoying the company you have for the time. The risk is increasing due to the popularity of hooking up, you need to know how to protect yourself in your hooking up. Here are a few tips on how best to stay safe throughout your encounters.

  1. Condoms are your best friend

You have been making good conversation with your company for the night, and both of you have expressed intentions to take the meeting further than the casual conversation. Yes, you are getting lucky tonight. However, your sexual experience should be grounds to tread carefully on. Did you know that condoms are the only form of birth control that also protects you from sexually transmitted infections? Whether you are going on a date with or without the intention of having sex afterward, it is important to carry a pack of condoms with you. Put a couple in your bag or pocket before leaving the house. If you have none in the house, buy some before you reach your selected meeting point. This will prevent you from going into your date without protection and probably disregarding condom use when you and your partner are rushing home or to some other designated location to have a good time.

For protection while having oral sex, ensure you use dental dams. These will prevent the contraction of infections such as herpes that can easily be spread orally. To spice things up a little, you could use flavored condoms. Also, ensure that you have enough lubrication to ensure the latex does not tear as this will nullify the use of the condom and expose you to infection. Remember, using the condom is the only but the most effective way to reduce the chances of infecting herpes in case you date someone who is living with herpes.

  1. Get a private spot

We all do not like others delving into our private affairs. This is especially so when it comes to those we are hooking up with. Getting a private area to get together with your partner will ensure that you do not become the next hot topic on the neighborhood’s grapevine. Going to a place you frequently visit on a professional level could taint people’s moral perception of you. This could become a setback for you’re the company you work for or any other business you have. As such, go to your home instead and have your fun there. Hosting not only enables you to have different resources such as condoms nearer but also gives you comfort and confidence as you get into your encounter. Additionally, you get to set the mood when in your house, so you could romanticize the experience with a few candles or get into a costume in case you feel the need to act out a few fantasies. Further, it is easier to experiment from the confines of your home.

If hosting or being hosted makes you feel uncomfortable, you could always look for neutral ground like a hotel. Look for a hotel that treats its customers with high confidentiality while you get the best out of your money. Visiting a run-down hotel is likely to dull your sexual experience – who knows, the bed might be creaking, and that could turn your partner off.

  1. Listen to your intuition

Have you ever heard of the old detective saying trust your gut? That is exactly what we are advising you to do. Something could be giving you a bad feeling about your partner. It could be how they are dressed, the look in their eyes, their smile, how they twiddle their thumbs or something unrelated to their appearance such as a comment they make on a certain topic of discussion. Additionally, you might not be able to specifically note whatever is making you feel uncomfortable about your encounter. No matter the reason, always ensure you get yourself out of a date where you have a bad feeling. Who knows, it could save your life or from experiences such as sexual assault.

If you find yourself in a situation where your date is making you feel unsafe, or alarms are going off in your head, calmly find a way to exit the building without causing a scene. It would also be important to make sure you are not being followed afterward on your way home. In case you feel you will be followed, you can always take a cab home.

  1. Tell a Friend About your Prospective Hookup

If you are going out for a date that you know will lead you to getting together with the other party, always inform a friend of where your date is scheduled to be and whether or not they should expect you back on the same night. You could be meeting a person you have previously talked with online with the intention of having some fun. It is important to realize that these kinds of situations sometimes lead to danger and as such, you would rather play safe when seeing these individuals for the first time. Currently, there are various apps online that allow you to have a friend keep track of your location through your phone. There are also others that are programmed to call the police in case you do not open them after a specified period. Informing a friend will ensure at least one person knows your last possible location and this could help in case you go missing or if you need to get picked up the next morning.

  1. Check for signs of STDs

Finally, your date has gone on well, and you are ready to take it to the next level. Before you engage in any sexual activity, ensure you have checked your partner’s body for any tell-tale signs of infections. Some of these signs could include sores around the genital area and mouth, blisters around the anal region amongst others. In case you observe any of these signs, question your partner about them to know the nature of their disease and to make a choice on what actions you are going to take afterward. In case you had already questioned your partner on whether they had any STDs, the presence of any symptoms of infection could be a warning sign that he or she lied and you should cease further activity immediately. If symptoms of STDs are absent, ensure you still use a condom for protection.

Practice these safety tips and ensure you have fun throughout your experience. After all, that is the whole point.

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