One-night stand

One-night Stand: What Do Women Think?

Women typically have different reasons for having one-night stands than men do. For men, their reason usually has more to do with just feeling good and having fun. However, women tend to have one-night stands after they’ve been hurt by their boyfriend or husband. Perhaps their significant other cheated on them or wanted to leave them. So, to retaliate against them, the woman goes out and has a one-night stand because she thinks it will make her feel better. Instead, it makes her feel worse.

Men tend not to worry about the consequences of a one-night stand as much as women do. As long as a condom was used, men figure they had some good clean sex without any consequences. Women are different in that they take sex more seriously, even if it was safe sex. If a woman has never cheated on her partner before and then she does for whatever reason, it will make her feel strange because it would be so out of character for her. She would start to question her own ethical values and the type of person she sees herself becoming. This could make her vow never to cheat again.

A woman who has cheated on her partner may feel so guilty that she’ll try to improve their relationship. Of course, she probably isn’t going to admit to her partner that she cheated on him. She’ll just try extra hard to please her partner in every possible way, including sexually. This would supposedly ensure that her partner would never want to cheat on her too. The problem is that a man is not about to change his ways, no matter how hard a woman tries. He will just have an affair again and then this will cause the woman to do the same thing again too. He may be doing it because he feels good about it, but she’d be doing it as a mere pain reliever. This will only make her feel worse after it is over.

For a woman to feel good about a one-night stand after it is over, she either needs to be the promiscuous type or she needs to expect the one-night stand to turn into something more. There are promiscuous women out there who don’t mind having a hookup with a strange man and then have casual sex with him. When these one-night stands are over, the woman will split from the man and then move on to find someone else. There will be no hard feelings or expectations whatsoever. A woman like this has probably had so many casual encounters that she doesn’t even feel anything after they’re over. Some might say she is using casual sex as a way to ease some kind of emotional pain that resides deep inside her subconscious.

Single women who don’t normally have one-night stands will probably have one if they meet a guy that they really like and are attracted to. In their mind, they will be having sex with a man who could be their future romantic partner. They’ll build up this fantasy where the guy will become their knight and shining armor. Then, after the one-night stand is over, the guy likely won’t be interested in pursuing a relationship with the woman any further. He will just walk out and go on to the next woman, or go back to his wife. This will make the woman feel used and worthless. She could even develop feelings of anger and resentment toward the man as well. The movie “Fatal Attraction” is a good example of this.

Alcohol is very commonly involved in the hookup scene. Men may give alcohol to the woman so that she’ll feel more relaxed about the idea of casual sex. This will be worse for the woman after the one-night stand is over, though. She will wake up the next morning and see a naked stranger in bed next to her that she barely remembered talking to. This gives women the worst feeling ever, and they will keep asking themselves, “How could I have let this happen?” It could take them weeks or months to get over the shame they feel inside. On a positive note, it will make them much more cautious about hookups and alcohol.

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