Fake profile on hookup app

How to identify if people are real or robots on a hookup app

Due to the popularity of hookup culture, the dating scene is streaming in with plenty of hookup apps. But not all of them can be said to be genuine. Some of the apps are full of fake profiles that are run using robots fooling people into thinking that they have found their knight in shining armor. The apps use robot operated fake profiles to send sexually appealing texts that trick users into subscribing for premium membership. The apps are easily and freely accessible from google play store and apple app store, but there are no specific measures that can be used by the app stores to determine fake profiles or whether a robot runs an app.

So worrying is the trend that Apple store came up with a penalization policy in a bid to control the use of robots and fake profiles. Despite the hefty penalties, some hookup apps are still run by robots.

Briefly discussed are some tips to help you identify whether people on a hookup app are real or whether an app is being controlled by a robot:

  • Customer reviews
    Before downloading a hookup app, you should spare some time and take the initiative to find out what current or previous users have to say about the app. Customer reviews and ratings will tell you a lot about the authenticity of an application. An app that has been updated less than twice and has thousands of five-star and one-star reviews with very few four or three-star reviews is most likely fake or bad. The five-star reviews are in most instances commented by users who have been accorded free membership and induced by the app.
  • Privacy of the app developer
    You should check out the apps’ website and write some feedback to the website’s support email address. If you do not get an official reply, then the website or app is most likely fake. Genuine websites promptly send emails regarding feedback.
  • Profile picture
    Use a poor quality or dark image as your portfolio picture and wait for ten minutes to see if you will get likes or winks on your profile. If you do, then the app is 100% fake because this shows that a robot sent all the messages.
  • Different profiles
    Create two different profiles and see if the people who like your profiles are the same or if the messages that you receive in both profiles are the same. Positive results indicate that the people who sent the messages are likely to have been paid to manipulate you into paying for a subscription.
  • Attention and messages
    Too much attention and many messages directed to your profile within a short time are indicators of robot controlled messages. Genuine apps will allow you to send messages for free.

Robot controlled messaging, and fake profiles are the new tricks in the book, and the trend is very alarming. These are vices that tarnish the image of the dating scene hence driving people away from using hookup apps.


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