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How to Hook up on Tinder -Tinder Hookup Guideline for Men

Not matter general dating or hookup dating, Tinder is currently the most popular dating app. It lets you search for women within your general location. These can be women looking for a relationship, friendship, or hookup. If you’re like many guys on Tinder, then you’re probably looking for a hookup with a beautiful girl. Tinder has plenty of beautiful girls who are interested in the same thing, but you must learn the right way to get their attention or else you’ll scare them off.

Here are some guidelines for men when it comes to attracting women on Tinder:

1) Good Photographs

Photographs are everything on Tinder. Remember that this is a dating app where members see your primary photograph before they see anything else on your profile. They must swipe right on your photograph to indicate they like it. You won’t know if they swiped right on your profile photograph until you swipe right on their profile photograph too. Once that happens, you’ll both be able to chat with each other. If the other member doesn’t like your profile, she’ll swipe left to dislike it. Then you can’t chat with her.

As you can see, you’ll need to get as many beautiful girls as possible to swipe right on your profile photograph. You can make this happen if you take high-resolution photographs of yourself in a beautiful setting. Use a commercial quality camera or hire a professional photographer to take some photographs of you. The better you look on camera, the better you’ll look to the girls on Tinder.

2) Sign up with Facebook

You can signup for Tinder by connecting your phone number or Facebook profile. It is better to use your Facebook profile because your Facebook interests will match you with other girls who have the same interests. Then you can go a step further by adding more interests to your Facebook profile that most girls would be interested in. These can be certain television shows, movies, and so on.

3) Keep Swiping Right

Men don’t have as many choices as women when it comes to sex. Most women can choose when they want to have sex because there’ll always be a man around to accommodate their wishes. Men don’t have the same luxury because women are not as promiscuous as men.

Therefore, men must increase their chances of getting laid by liking as many women as possible on Tinder. Keep swiping right on profiles if they’re at least mildly attractive in their photographs. This is a numbers game so the more women you like, the better your chances of scoring.

4) Message Girls Quickly

Whenever you exchange likes with a girl, you’ll have the opportunity to message her. Don’t waste this opportunity because she’ll probably be getting messages from dozens of other guys already. If you wait longer than 24 hours to message her after she’s liked your profile, then she possibly won’t respond to your messages. You need to act fast.

5) Say the Right Thing

Don’t blatantly ask a girl if she wants to hook up and have sex. You can imagine how many other guys are asking her the same thing. You need to stand out from the other guys by taking an interest in her as a person. A unique Tinder pick-up line increases the chance of success in the first step.

Try to meet her at a public place where she can feel safe, such as a library, restaurant, or coffee shop. Just tell her that you want to hang out. If you meet up with her and all goes well, you can ask her if she’d like to meet up with you again sometime. Then you can suggest going back to your place.


A Tinder hookup won’t automatically mean that you’re going to have sex. First, you need to meet the girl, talk with her in a public place and then see what happens from there. A lot of guys meet about a dozen beautiful girls before getting one of them into bed.

The important thing to remember is that Tinder has thousands of women who are registered members. If one hookup on Tinder doesn’t go the way that you’d hope, then go out with a different girl. Stay on this pattern until you get better at talking with girls.

Hooking up with a girl on Tinder is not as hard as you think it is. You must put in the work.

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