How best to introduce a “Friends with Benefits” Situation

The idea of friends with benefits has to do with two people of the opposite sex who have decided to engage themselves in a sexual relationship without necessary placing that boyfriend-girlfriend activity. In the friends with benefits scenario, you do not really need to indulge in some traditional girlfriend/boyfriend ritual of buying gifts and going out on an organized compulsory date, in this case, it has more to do with a mutual agreement sealed with initiate bond.

How to find a friend for Friend with Benefits

It is rather easier in today’s world to find someone who is willing to look consider your intimate proposals. All you need is to look at the right place; it could be an online, group of friends or club members. The most important aspect is that you know exactly what you want from that relationship and also how to go about it. Below, we have made some compilation of places and way to kick off your FWB journey:

  1. Make it Platonic

Keep it platonic, do not make the mistake of starting off with the mindset that you want to go intimate. First, make them your best friend, stay as close as you can, that way you be able to understand both their sexual countenance and their approach towards the art of FWB.

  1. Leverage the Online Dating Platform

Sometimes what you seek might not be necessary around you, there are many lads and Las online who are very ready to play along. All you need do on your own part is to find a good online dating platform and try to hook up with the nearest buddy around you.

  1. Try your Workplace

This might be a bit dangerous because it is not ethical to go intimate with your colleagues,  though it still plays a major role in the FWB scenario. Being around your crush in the work area gives you an opportunity to study your partner to know how they react to some certain situations, that way you be able to know the best way to make the first move.

  1. Leverage the Bar

This is actually a perfect place to get your friends from, alcohol can do a lot in human behavior, so when you guys must have had some glasses, initiate the conversation which will lead to an FWB.

  1. Parks

This is also the place to either hook up or get hooked up for an FBW journey. Though we would have added a “Hobby Centre”, but parks are still the best place to meet your FBW.  But before you go about it in the park, try to mount a bit of surveillance from afar on the prospect for some moment before you actually go for it. This is so because sometimes they might not be what they seem at first sight.

Sometimes we misunderstand the friends with benefit (FWB) scenario, the choice to get on with it depends on both parties; there must be a synergy. It doesn’t mean you should completely stay from sex or sex-related issues but make sure you draw a line between intimacy and affection, that way you will be able to keep it going for a very long time. Go ahead, have a kind of foreplay if you wish but still bear in mind that no matter how many sex rumbles you guys have or have had it is purely based on a platonic level. Some make the mistake of getting emotionally attracted with their FBW fellas, more reason they end up disappointed along the line.

When to Initiate friends with Benefit Situation

The best time to introduce an FWB scenario should be as soon as the relationship kicks off, make it clear that it is strictly platonic but try not to be meticulous about it, that way you guys will save yourselves the pain of impending heartbreak. Define your sexual interest, tell your friend what you want or what you think should be the situation. While you reach an agreement make sure you keep it as low as possible. Sometimes ladies just enjoy doing the weirdest things and prefer not talking out it even when, though they may feel bad at first attempt but trust me she will defiantly get used to it when the time comes.

How to Initiate Friends with Benefit Situation

Here you have to be as playful as possible, the more you flirt the better your chances of making them understand you are actually in for it. Gradually initiate the sex talk at this point; use maturity in this case, you don’t have to come out boldly to say this because there is 90% possibility that they will say “No”. One of the best-matured ways to do this is to act as if it’s not a big deal, on the side of the men to engage more in a quite close-faced conversation, and just like Jenny, call her out every now and then. Continue the flirt and tease until you finally get the chance to let it out, but whatever happens, never you come directly. Another way to come out clean without losing your domino is to discuss it with friends, make it as open as possible especially when you guys gather to have some drink. One reason why you should consider talking to some friends about it is that one way or the other, whether you like it or not directly or indirectly he/she must get to hear about. It is actually better that way if you ask me because at that moment he or she knows what coming.

Finally, people must understand that no matter how long the FWB factor last, you are just two mature individuals having sex. And when the real person comes, you might just end up losing your partner. It is like this, “occupy till I come”. But if along the line you start catching feelings you have two options left, loss her to a fellow FWB partner or get lucky finding out that they feel the same way about you too. Whichever way it seems he or she must be aware. Good luck with that.

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