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Hookup Tips: How to Break the Ice Offline

Hookup apps and websites make it convenience for young singles to find their partner. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that hookup culture becomes more and more popular. When you’re chatting up a person online, you feel confident and self-assured. It’s so easy to come up with one-word punchlines and pickup lines when you’re not looking them in the eye. But sometimes talking through a machine is not usually enough. Sometimes you chat with a crush online and think ‘hey, I like this one’ so you take the plunge and ask for a meetup. If you’re lucky and he or she says yes, you can’t help feeling excited. But come the big day you can’t help the butterflies either. When that happens, these icebreaking tips might just be what you need to get through that first date smoothly:

  1. Prepare yourself

Remember, human beings are visual creatures. They start judging you from the moment they lay eyes on you. So, when you get up that morning remember to pick the clothes to fit the mood. If you don’t own a brush then that is the time to get one and buff yourself up. A little positivity wouldn’t hurt either.

  1. Make the Big Approach

Do you want to make a good first impression? Be on time. It tells your potential partner that you’re a bit serious about getting to know them.

So you’ve arrived where you decided to meet. You’ve spotted your date, and he or she looks just as like on his or her profile pic. Now you’re worried about giving them the grand first line. What to do? Just head over, smile (sincerely, please), shake his or her hand and say ‘hello.’ For most people a polite ‘My name is… it’s a pleasure to meet you’ will do just fine. If that doesn’t cut it for you, say the first thing that pops into your head. It might be a lame ‘you look just like your picture’ but hey, if that makes your date laugh, then it serves its purpose.

  1. Looking for Conversation Topics

The hardest part to get through is usually the greeting, but dinner or drink conversations can be awkward as well. If you are grappling for a topic to get you going, here are a few things you might try:

  • Ask open-ended questions. Questions like ‘How are you?’ and ‘What got you interested in my profile?’ are good starters. They make you pay attention and show that you’re interested
  • Be as goofy or funny as you like. Ask them about their bucket lists or what their allergies are. Laugh over cliché pickup lines you’d both thought of and smile through it all
  • Play games that are just perfect for first dates in your hookup. You could use apps like ‘First Date Conversation Guide’ or go all funky with quick-answer games like ‘this or that.’ You could also try some personality guessing games which would bring you to the next point
  • Respect and be a gentleman. Don’t do anything that might let your partner feel uncomfortable.

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