FWB – Rules for Friends with Benefits Relationship

If you are a person who is not interested in being in a serious relationship, friends-with-benefits is the perfect setup for you. After all, you just have to be good in bed and the addition of a pinch of humor and caring attitude would do great as well. It goes without saying that friends with benefits relationship have a lot of potential for delivering liberating fun.

Kicking off an FWB relationship means the beginning of hookups with no strings attached between two people who attract and trust each other. Sounds like a dream relationship, right? Well, even though there are no strings attached, it doesn’t essentially mean that it is going to be uncomplicated. That’s why there are a clear-cut set of rules for friends with benefits relationship. So, without a further ado, let’s get started!

FWB Rules You Must Obey

And hey, just remember that these are not hard and fast rules; you just have to follow them if you want the best out of your amazing and utterly mind-blowing friends with benefits relationship.

Rule #1: Understand What Friends with Benefits Actually Means Before Diving into This Relationship.

Rule #2: Define Your Relationship terms at the very start (If you feel hesitant in telling the other person what you want, you are welcoming complications at the very start of the relationship).

Rule #3: Be clear at the very start of your relationship about what you’re looking for (in other words, be transparent).

Rule #4: Don’t expect that it’ll turn into a Relationship (hoping that or acting like you want it to happen can actually sabotage the relationship).

Rule #5: You have to come to terms with the fact that eventually, the relationship will end (It is best to comprehend that there is a limited time-span of your love affair).

Rule #6: Remember that this relationship is sexual, not emotional (it is not an intimate relationship so there is no need of getting emotionally attached to it).

Rule #7: No Hookup without Using Protection (this rule is pretty much self-explanatory…just make sure you’re safe).

Rule #8: No Sleeping Over at All (While some break this rule, it is best to obey it so that you don’t “catch any feelings”).

Rule #9: Keep it One or Twice a Week (it isn’t a causal relationship if you are seeing him/her more than once a week).

Rule #10: It is Imperative for the real relationships to stay off-limits (Do not start a relationship – it is as simple as that!)

Rule #11: When the other person wants to end it, let him/her go (don’t protest or beg the other person to stay. You started the relationship knowing very well that it’ll end someday).

Rule #12: Know yours and other person’s limits (be more upfront about your comfort zone and acknowledge the other person’s comfort zone as well).

Rule #13: Communicate with each other about how the relationship is going to end (it is like a reality check that you need to give to each other from time to time).

Rule #14: There is no need to introduce the other person to your friends and family (it is the debatable rule but following it is better than facing any complications in the future).

Rule #15: Just keep it light and Fun (if you want the relationship to last longer, keep it stress-free and full of excitement).

The Bottom Line for You

Just keep in mind that you need to follow these FWB rules devotedly. You have to ensure that you don’t get distracted or start feeling differently about the other person. Needless to say, this relationship is all about having a fun time (of course, physically) with someone who is not looking for a serious relationship. In a nutshell, keep your heart out of the way and just have fun while making sure that the other person is comfortable with it.

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