Hookup Tips for Men

10 Hookup Tips for Men

It should be no surprise that many men want to hook up with a woman just for a one-night stand. Some of these men may be natural pros at convincing a woman to go back to their apartment during a hookup. However, there are other men who simply fail at hookups and can never successfully get the intimacy from women that they’re looking for.

To be successful at hookups with women, you need to prepare yourself for the hookup and follow some sound advice on how to approach it. Below are 10 hookup tips for men which will help you get on a better path toward success at hooking up with women.

1) Dress Nice – There seems to be a big trend lately of both men and women dressing too comfortably when they go out in public. But if you are looking to impress a woman on a hookup, you certainly don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Wear some decent clothes like khakis or dress pants and a collared shirt.

2) Have Confidence – Women might not admit this, but they like a confident guy more than they like a physically attractive guy. If you can show the woman that your self-confidence is high, then you won’t have to try hard to get her back to your place. In fact, she may even want to go back to your place first.

3) No Arrogance – It is good to be confident, but don’t act overconfident to the point where you come across as conceited and arrogant. At least, don’t act arrogant the first time you meet up with the woman. Some women may find arrogance sexy after you get to know them first. Use your own best judgment on when to do this if at all.

4) Meet in Public – You’ll want the woman to be comfortable when she meets you. Taking her out to a public place is the best way to make her feel comfortable while she gets to know you. If you were to ask her to meet at your place or alone in some park, it might scare her away. A social environment with other people around will give her a feeling of safety when she goes to meet you.

5) Always be Respectful – If you’re new to the whole hook up scene, then you’re likely going to experience a lot of rejection as you learn the ropes. No matter what happens at the hookup, always remain respectful of the woman. Don’t let your feelings get so hurt that you end up insulting or embarrassing them. If you do, the word may get around about what you did and then you’ll have a harder time meeting someone new.

6) No Pick-Up Lines – Since you’re already made arrangements to hook up with a woman by meeting her someplace, you don’t need to give her any cheesy pick-up lines. Just act naturally as if she were an acquaintance you were meeting for the first time. Even if you’re interested in sex, you can’t let her know that until she gives you a signal that she’s interested in it.

7) Stay Groomed – Keeping up your visual appearance is essential. Aside from dressing nicely, you need to keep your hair groomed and your body clean. You don’t want to go to a hookup date with messed up hair and having a nasty odor of body sweat surrounding you. Comb your hair if you have hair and always shower before the date.

8) Act Inexperienced – Women may be put off if they think you’ve slept with lots of other women on previous hookup dates. You need to act like you don’t do hookups that often because it will make the woman feel special and it will make it seem like you’re not a player. So, don’t mention anything about getting sex on previous hookups or anything like that. If you must mention your past dates, just talk about the failures.

9) Drive a Nice Car – Even if you must rent a luxury car for the date, it may help your chances of impressing the woman that you meet on the hookup. No one wants to hook up with someone who drives some old broken-down car or a car that’s in rough shape. So, either you hide your car from the woman or you get a nice car for them to see you in. This goes double if you’re the one driving her back to your place.

10) Bring a Present – You want to impress the woman by doing whatever it takes. When you first go to the hookup date, you should have some small present to give her. This could be a rose, a small box of chocolates or something else romantic like that. If she feels like she’s special to you, then she might give you what you want in return.

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