Tinder pickup lines for hookup

10 Best Tinder Pickup Lines for Hookup

The great thing about the Tinder mobile app is that you can meet people with similar interests as you within your local area. If you’re using Tinder for hooking up with someone local, then your chances of success will be better on there than on some online dating website. However, you still need to have the right pickup lines when you communicate with someone through the Tinder app. If you just say something bland and uninteresting like “Hey” or “What’s up?” then the other person is probably going to ignore you. Remember that you can only communicate with members who have already approved your profile. Therefore, if they are giving you this chance to message them, then you don’t have to try so hard to win them over.

To increase your hookup success rate on Tinder, you need to understand what the definition of a good pickup line is. You might think pickup lines are a bit cheesy to do, but they actually have a track record of working great on Tinder. Just don’t be too sexually explicit or dirty in your pickup lines. You want to come across as interesting in a good and funny way, but not as a creep. The first message you send will give the recipient their first impression of you. To save you the trouble of thinking of a pickup line on your own, below are examples of the 10 best Tinder pickup lines for hooking up with someone. The “You” in the examples will be the guy and the other person will be the fictional girl “Sarah.”


You: I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I forgot my Tinder password and have tried to get it back through the “password hint” link. But every time I tap the link, it tells me to use Sarah’s phone number. So, if you wouldn’t mind giving me your phone number, then I can get back into my account.

Sarah: LOL 😛 That’s cute. Here it is: 555-5555

You: Thanks, you’re a lifesaver.


You: I just noticed something odd.

Sarah: What’s that?

You: My phone book is missing your number.

Sarah: Aww… Sorry about that. Here it is: 555-5555 😛


You: I think you might be my appendix because my stomach feels like taking you out.

Sarah: That’s creative. I think you might be right.


You: A psychic once told me that I would meet a lovely girl named Sarah someday. I think you might be the Sarah she was talking about.

Sarah: Haha really? I guess we’ll have to see.

You: 😊


You: Didn’t we used to go to high school together?

Sarah: I’m not sure. Which school did you go to?

You: Heartbreak High School

Sarah: LOL, where’s that?

You: If you give me your number I’ll tell you all about it.

Sarah: Sure…. 555-5555


You: Do you believe in angels?

Sarah: I don’t know. Maybe.

You: I believe in them. In fact, I’ve seen one.

Sarah: Really? When was that?

You: Five minutes ago when I saw your profile.

Sarah: Aww… Thanks.


You: Happy Birthday!

Sarah: Thanks, but it’s not my birthday.

You: Really? Someone told me the girl of my dreams was born on this day. So naturally, I thought of you.

Sarah: Aww… I’m flattered.


You: Truth or dare?

Sarah: lol, uh oh. Truth.

You: Do you want to go out with me?

Sarah: heh, I don’t know. Maybe. Now your turn. Truth or dare?

You: Truth.

Sarah: Are you an attractive guy?

You: Yes.

Sarah: Okay, then. Good enough for me 😊


You: Do you like romantic movies?

Sarah: Sure, I love them. What’s your favorite?

You: Sleepless in Seattle

Sarah: Really? Mine too.

You: You want to watch it with me? I got it on Blu-Ray.

Sarah: Okay, why not. Here’s my number 555-5555.


You: What do you like most in a guy? A: Sense of Humor – B: Physical Appearance – C: Intelligence – D: Penis Size

Sarah: LOL… umm…. Sense of humor, maybe.

You: Whew, lucky me because I have a great sense of humor… and that’s it.

Sarah: hehe, aww…

You: So, I guess this means you’ll go out with me then, right?

Sarah: Sure, if you want.

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