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10 Best Dating Apps and Sites for SLS Swingers

SLS swinging has never been easier. With the right dating apps and sites, you can join a community of SLS swingers who are looking for the same thing you are. There are a number of high-quality apps and sites that you’ll want to check out.

In this guide, we’ll go over ten of the best SLS swinging dating sites and apps so that you can find the one that works best for you. Specifically, we’ll review site features, pricing, and history in order to help you find the one that best aligns with your desires.

Best SLS Swinging Sites and Apps:

Whether you’re a single swinger or are a couple looking, these ten SLS swinging sites and apps have a lot to offer:

  1. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder bills itself as the world’s largest sex and swinger community—and for good reason. With over 80 million users worldwide, it is the single biggest sex and hookup site in the world. The site allows you to connect with other SLS swingers of every gender in your area. You’ll have the option of looking for singles or couples and will have access to tons of NSFW content the moment you sign up. If you’re looking for a fast SLS swinging hookup or meeting, start your search with AdultFriendFinder.com Free membership on the site doesn’t get you very far, so expect to pay $20 a month for use if you wish to truly take advantage of the service.

  1. 3Fun app

Like the name implies, 3Fun dating app is a mobile application designed for threesome fun. The app allows you to meet up with SLS swingers in your area and has a unique couples account feature that makes it a great option for those couples looking for a bit of outside fun. You can use the application to match with interested swingers nearby through the app’s GPS-location technology. The fastest-growing app of its kind, 3Fun promises a lot to those looking for swinger fun.

  1. SwingerLifestyle

SwingerLifestyle is one of the major swinger dating sites and well worth a visit on your part. Interact with tons of SLS couples on one of the best sites in the business. On this site, you’ll have the ability to meet up with swingers in your area who are looking for a bit of casual fun. Classified as an alternative lifestyle and dating site, SwingerLifestyle has emerged as one of the most popular platforms for couples looking for a bit of swinging fun.

  1. SDC

SDC (Swingers Date Club) was established in 1999 and has since become one of the largest online SLS swingers communities anywhere in the world. The site is home to over three million users, most of whom are concentrated in the United States and the Netherlands. SDC.com allows you to browse through swinger couples in your area and meet up with those who are interested in a bit of alternative fun. With a simple database and easy-to-navigate setup, the site is perfect for older swingers, as well. Membership costs $29.95 for a single month but goes down to $12.50 a month for twelve months (to be paid in a single installment).

  1. Kasidie

Kasidie is SLS swinger dating site that doesn’t hide its sexuality. The site allows you to sign up either as a single or as a couple and lets you rate your interest in a number of sexual activities so that you can find better matches in your area. You can also use the site to post your willingness and availability to engage in sexual encounters. Kasidie also features a unique shopping section that allows you to shop for sex items such as toys and accessories. Basic accounts on Kasidie are free, but you’ll likely have to invest in a paid account ($19.95 for one month) if you want to engage in any of the site’s premium features.

  1. FabSwingers

FabSwingers sets itself apart in that it is completely free for users. This means that you don’t have to shell out big bucks for a membership in order to have a bit of SLS swinger fun. Photos on the website are put through an intense verification process, meaning it’s virtually impossible to create a fake account. On FabSwingers, you can expect to meet up with real SLS swingers interested in meetups and casual fun.

  1. No Strings Attached 

No Strings Attached is a popular online hookup site that caters not just to SLS swingers but sex seekers in general. Still, the site features a meticulous matching system that allows you to meet up with singles in your area who are interested in the same thing you are. This means that the site is a haven for SLS swingers around the world—and well worth a try on your part. For reference, the site is priced at $29.95 for one month or $14.98 a month for four months (billed in a single installment).

  1. Fetlife

Fetlife is a popular online community engaged in helping users interact with others who share their particular fetish. This means that it’s not solely a swingers website. Still, the website hosts a large community of SLS swingers on its private network. Unlike other sites, it doesn’t rely on algorithms or matching systems but instead allows users to engage in forum-like discussions with others in their areas. Fetlife offers both a free membership option and paid plans, which range from $30/month for six months to $240 for a lifetime membership.

  1. Swing Towns

Swing Towns is an easy-to-use SLS swingers website with a clear-cut purpose and Facebook-style layout. With tons of users, the website offers users a real chance at meeting up with interested parties in their area. Whether you’re a couple looking for another couple, a single looking for a couple, or some mix of the two, you can bet that you’ll find what you are looking for on this site, which has served the SLS swinger community for nearly twenty years. Membership starts at $15.95 for one month and goes down to $8.16/month for six months and $5.75/month for twelve months.

  1. Swinger Zone Central

Swinger Zone Central has rapidly become one of the largest and most exciting sites for swingers anywhere in the world. Established in 2006, the website is designed to provide SLS swingers with the ultimate one-night sexual encounters. The site contains intriguing features such as the “Booty Call” option, which allows you to show off your availability to hookup in one of the more creative systems on the web. This swingers dating site is perfect for couples looking for guaranteed fun. Basic accounts on the site are free, with paid memberships starting at just $14.95 for one month.

The Bottom Line

With so many SLS swinger dating sites out there, there’s no better time than now to start looking for your next SLS fun. Whether you’re a single interested in the lifestyle or a couple wishing to spice it up in the bedroom, you can use the websites and apps mentioned above to make your life more exciting. Make sure to use this guide as your ultimate resource for finding the SLS swinging site that works for you (and your partner).


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